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Environment Management Services

Environment Management Services

At YEC, our utmost motto is to carefully plan the environmental outcome of each of our projects. When we think projects, we think of sustainability. We work in partnership with clients to strive for the twin goals of project excellence and sustainability.

Our key focus is on environmental compliance management, solid and hazardous waste management, environmental impact Assessment with Management Plan, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I & II, Environment, Water and Energy Auditing, Environmental and Social Due Diligence study, ISO & OHSAS advisory services, environmental monitoring, Social Impact Assessments including R&R and RAP studies, Source Water Venerability and Source Water Protection Plans Water Optimization Assessments and Biodiversity Assessment Studies.


Services Offered

·        Mining of Minerals (Open Cast)

·        River Valley, Hydel, Drainage and Irrigation

·        Thermal Power Plants

·        Industrial Parks / SEZs / Biotech Parks, Leather Complexes

·        Highways

·        Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility

·        Building and Large Construction

·        Townships and Area Development

·        Statutory and Non-Statutory EIA, EMP, ESIA, ESMP, ESMS, ESMF, RPF (IFC performance standard, ADB SPS, WB and JICA guidelines)

·        Environmental and Social Due Diligence

·        Policy Framework Report, SIA, R&R Plan, LA and RAP

·        Compliance Management (Phase I and Phase II ESA)

·        Sustainability Advisory Services

·        Source Vulnerability Assessments and Source Water Protection Plans

·        Solid / Hazardous / Bio-medical Waste Management EHS, Energy and Water Auditing

·        ISO and OHSAS Advisory Services

·        Soil, Ground water, Oil sludge Remediation

·        Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Plans

·        Risk & Disaster Management Plan

·        Biodiversity Management Plans

·        Bird and Bat Studies for Wind Power Projects